LingDocDaTA: Linguistic Documentation, Description and Theoretical Analysis

Research Interests

Inflectional Morphology.
Morphological Theory.
Paradigm-Function Morphology.
Creole Morphology.
Language Contact, Variation and Change.  

Research Lines

1. Clitic Systems and Morphology

  • Non-canonical clitics: English Auxiliaries and Portuguese Pronouns;
  • The morphology of clitics (within Paradigm Function Morphology);
  • The morphology-syntax interface of clitic systems (within Lexical Functional Grammar); 
  • The effect of morphosyntactic conditioning on clitic phonology (within Stratal Optimality Theory);
  • Phrasal affixation and mixed clitics systems.

2- Inflectional Morphology and Verbal Paradigms

  • The autonomy of morphology and the nature of morphomes; 
  • The complexity of verbal paradigms using both experimental and quantitative methods;
  • Conjugation classes and non-productive alternations in creole languages. 
  • The presence of morphomes in creoles.
3- Creole Morphology
  • The development of morphology in creole languages; 
  • The nature of reduplication; 
  • Word-formation; 
  • Verbal inflection, conjugation classes and allomorphy. 
4- Contact Morphology
  • The grammar of Barranquenho; 
  • Afro-Portuguese in 17th century Vilancicos de Negro.
  • Loanverbs and verbal inflection.
  • Matter/Pattern borrowing.

5- Documentation & Corpora 

  • A searchable database of 17th century Vilancicos de Negro (ongoing);
  • An annotated corpus of spoken Guiné Bissau Kriyol (ongoing).