• I am Area Editor of the new journal ACM Transactions on Evolutionary Learning and Optimization
  • I will be chair of EvoCOP 2020 in Sevilla with C. Zarges and track chair of ECOM at GECCO 2020 in Cancun with F. Chicano. 
  • Congrats to F. Chicano, G. Ochoa, D. Whitley and R. Tinós for the EvoCOP 2019 Best Paper Award with the article Quasi-optimal recombination operator!
  • "Optimization of service placement with fairness" with N. Godinho and M. Curado was accepted to IEEE ISCC.
  • "A combinatorial branch and bound for the min-max regret spanning tree problem" with Noé Godinho was accepted to SEA^2.
  • MOCO-SEARCH - a 3-year FCT/CNRS PICS project with University of Lille was approved for funding.
  • If you are interested on doing a joint PhD on topics of optimization in Coimbra and in Kaiserslautern, check this opportunity.
  • I am organizing training sessions for competitive programming - if you are a student and like to code, feel free to reach me to know more about this.

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