Assistant Professor
Department of Mathematics (Office 4.1)
Faculty of Science and Technology
University of Coimbra


e-mail: cfonte@mat.uc.pt

Telefone: + 351 239791150 / + 351 23979118

Fax: +351 239793069


Research Centre: Institute for Systems Engineering and Computers at Coimbra

See Curriculum Vitae in DeGóis platform

ORCID: http://orcid.org/0000-0001-9408-8100


Active calls for papers for special issues:

Journal: Land
Special Issue:"Citizen Science and Crowdsourcing for Land Use, Land Cover and Change Detection"
Deadline: 30th September 2018

Journal: DATA
Special Issue: "Geospatial Crowdsourced Data - Validation and Classification"
Deadline: 31st October 2018

Journal: Remote Sensing
Special Issue: "Citizen Science and Earth Observation II"
Deadline: 30th June 2019
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