José António Oliveira Martins:

I am a music theorist and hold a Ph.D. in the History and Theory of Music from the University of Chicago. Currently, I am Professor Auxiliar of Musicology/Artistic Studies at FLUC – Faculdade de Letras da Universidade de Coimbra, and Director (Coordenador Científico)  of CEIS20 – Centro de Estudos Interdisciplinares do Século Vinte/UC. Previously, I have been FCT-Principal Researcher (eq. Professor Associado) and Vice-director of CITAR– Research Center for Science and Technology of the Arts at the Catholic University of Portugal, and Assistant Professor (Professor Auxiliar) at the Eastman School of Music of the University of Rochester and at the University of Iowa. I was also a research fellow at Princeton University.

My research interests include the modelling of formalized systems of musical modernity (scale theory, modulation theory, and transformational theory), analytical readings of post-tonal music of  composers in the so-called scalar tradition such as Béla Bartók, Igor Stravinsky, Maurice Ravel, Darius Milhaud, Fernando Lopes-Graça, Manuel de Falla, Witold Lutoslawski, and György Kurtág, among others. More recently, I started to explore the creation-embodiment-significance nexus of oral traditions, such as the Portuguese-guitar concert music, centered on the music of Carlos Paredes.

My current publications appear in Musurgia, Journal of Music Theory, Perspectives of New Music, Routledge Companion of Music Theory Pedagogy, Theory and Practice, Bridges, Mathematics and Computation in Music, and Portuguese Journal of Musicology, among others.

My work has received a number of recognitions, including the Musurgia Prize for Music Analysis (2019) for an article on the theoretical modelling of the twentieth-century polytonal practice from the Société Française d'Analyse Musicale (international competition commemorating the 25th anniversary of the journal), the Patricia Carpenter Emerging Scholar award (2006) for an article on Stravinsky's discursive discontinuitties from the Music Theory Society of New York State, and the Arthur J. Komar Scholar award (2004) and a Honorable mention (2003) for work on the modelling of polymodality in the music of Bártok from the Music Theory Midwest Society. I have also been a research fellow at John Clough Memorial Symposia (University of Chicago and Yale University) and the Mannes Institute for Advanced Studies in Music Theory (Yale University).

Recent Keynote addresses include: Congress of TeMA/MusMat (2019, BR); ENIM IX– Encontro de Investigação em Música (2019, PT), IV Encontro Internacional de Piano Contemporâneo (2019, PT), EurSAX (2017, PT), and EITAM – Encontro de Teoria e Análise Musical (2013, BR).

Talks at various peer-review conferences, symposia, and meetings such as the Society for Music Theory (US), American Musicological Society (US), European Music Analysis Conference (EU), Society for Music Analysis (UK), Convegno Internazionale di Analisi e Teoria Musicale (IT), Mathematics and Computation in Music Conference (US-EU), Encontro Nacional de Investigação em Música (PT), Sociedad Espanõla de Musicologia (ES), among many others.

I have also been invited to give talks and seminars at institutions such as the University of Washington (US), Yale University (US), University of Cincinnati (US), Cornell University (US), Indiana University (US), University of Iowa (US), University of Victoria (CA), Jagiellonian Universitet (PL), Universidade Nova de Lisboa (PT), Instituto Politécnico do Porto (PT), Universidade de Aveiro (PT), ESMUC (ES), Conservatorio di Como (IT), Conservatorio di Novara (IT), Conservatorio di Salerno (IT).

I have served as Chief-editor for the Journal of Science and Technology of the Arts; Reviews-editor for Theory and Practice (Music Theory Society of New York State). I am/have been on the editorial board and served as reviewer for the journals: Music Theory Spectrum (US), OPUS (BR), Musica Theorica (BR), MusMat (BR), Rivista di Analisi e Teoria Musicale (IT), Music Theory Spectrum (US), Journal of Music Theory (US), Music Theory Online (US), Music Theory & Analysis (NL), among others.

Principal-researcher for a number of North-American and FCT (PT) financed projects.

Founder and permanent committee: The European Network for Theory and Analysis of Music.

Chair, Organizing/Program Committees for:

2016 Porto International Conference on Musical Gesture as Creative Interface (PT) (82 speakers, 22 countries) []

2019 Música Analítica: International Symposium on Analysis and Theory of Music (PT) (96 speakers, 17 countries) []

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