Miguel R. Oliveira Panão

Professor at the Department of Mechanical Engineering
Faculty of Sciences and Technology
University of Coimbra


He researches Engineering Sciences and Technology with a particular emphasis on Mechanical Engineering. His main fields of research include thermal management systems, liquid atomization and spray systems, laser diagnostic techniques, constructal design, thermal energy storage, Photophoresis, drop and spray impact, informational spray characterization, environmental ethics, and philosophy of science.
2002 - Graduated in Mechanical Engineering at Instituto Superior Técnico (Lisbon).
2008 - Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering at Instituto Superior Técnico on "Experiments on Impinging Intermittent Sprays"


  • The analogy between transient heat conduction and diffusion of innovation (link to preprint).
  • Searching for the physical origin of mathematical probability distributions when applied to characterize drop size distributions (link to an article on the LogNormal).
  • Exploring Adrian Bejan's Constructal Theory for developing tools in engineering design (link to latest work with Ph.D. student Miguel Clemente).
  • Collaborating with Prof. André Silva (University of Beira Interior) on bubble encapsulation events of drop impact on thin liquid films (link to latest article).
  • Finished working on a project for developing a ventilated mask for medical care (link to article).

Go to CIENCIAVITAE to find out more information on his academic activity.

Personal Website: https://author.miguelpanao.com/

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