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Nuno Simões

Professor Auxiliar do DEC-FCTUC

Supervisor Técnico e Científico do ITeCons



(july 2018)

Nuno Simões is Assistant Professor of the Civil Engineering Department, University of Coimbra with 45 publications on indexed scientific international journals and co-author of more than 100 works presented on conference. Senior Scientific and Technical Researcher of ITeCons - Institute for Research and Technological Development in Construction Sciences, since 2006. He was supervisor of 4 PhD thesis and more than 50 master thesis; he supervises now 4 PhD students.

He has participated in the task group to define the national methodology used in the National System for Energy and Indoor Air Quality Certification of Residential Buildings. Coordinator of the Executive Committee of the task group set by the Portuguese General Directorate for Energy and Geology (DGEG) and the Portuguese Energy Agency (ADENE) to review the national building thermal regulation codes (between 12/2009 and 06/2012). National Qualified trainer and expert of the National System for Energy and Indoor Air Quality Certification.

He has participated in more than 20 funded research and technological projects.