Mathematics Seminar

Academic year
Subject Area
Language of Instruction
Mode of Delivery
ECTS Credits
1st Cycle Studies

Recommended Prerequisites

General knowledge of the subjects developed in previous curricular units attended by the student.

Teaching Methods

The themes are distributed at the beginning of the semester by the advisors. Team work is encouraged, but there will be regular meetings throughout the semester,between each group of students and the corresponding advisor,in order for the advisor to monitor the work and evaluate individual contribution to the collective project.Short oral presentations will be encouraged throughout the semester.At the end of the semester,the group must produce a written report, and make an oral presentation of the work in the presence of the advisor and with the participation of all elements of the group.

Learning Outcomes

Address mathematical topics with interest and relevance, appropriate to the end of the first cycle of studies in mathematics. Foster discussions around such topics. Develop writing skills and oral communication skills in mathematics. Initiate the students in bibliographic search. Develop individual and team work qualities.

Generic skills to be developed:

Knowledge of mathematical results;

Ability to formulate and solve problems;

Written and oral presentations rigorous and clear;

Use of the internet as a means of communication and source of information;


Ability to work in teams;

Autonomous search and learning capability;

Communication skills;

Ethical commitment.

Work Placement(s)



Each group of students will from the advisor a topic to address and discuss. Each topic should be adequate to the level of students finishing their first cycle of studies. The work along the semester will be accompanied by the corresponding advisor. Accordingly, the specification of a program with concrete contents does not apply.

Head Lecturer(s)

Maria de Fátima da Silva Leite

Assessment Methods

Project: 100.0%


 A bibliografia é muito diversa, dependendo dos temas atribuídos e da actividades desenvolvida. Tratar-se-á, em geral, de páginas digitais, de capítulos de livros, ou mesmo de artigos de investigação sobre temas diversos, assimiláveis pelos alunos neste nível de estudos./Depends on the topics distributed and on the developed activities. They may vary from digital pages to chapters of books, or even research papers on various topics accessible to students at this level of study