Master’s Degree in Educational Administration

Faculty of Psychology and Education Sciences

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2nd Cycle Studies - Lifelong Learning Master Programme

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2 Year(s)

ECTS Credits



Lifelong training second cycle

ECTS Departmental Coordinator(s)

Lisete Santos Mendes Mónico (lisete_monico@fpce.uc.pt)

General Objectives of the Course
This study cycle aims to provide skills for the performance of functions of direction and pedagogical and administrative management, ensuring that the postgraduate students at the end will be able to:
• Develop research and critical analysis skills within the educational administration;
• Participate in the management of education at central, regional and local levels;
• Develop educational management capabilities that allow leading, integrating and assisting educational management and administrative entities of formal and non-formal education institutions;
• Develop design, planning, management and evaluation skills of projects and education programs for the optimization of educational resources.
Learning Objectives and Intended Skills
This SC provides a training to develop research and intervention skills, enhancing in the students an entrepreneurial attitude able to correspond to the increased mobility and competitiveness in regional, national and European areas. Among the skills to be acquired by the master students we refer:
- To reflect, analyze and understand the great purposes orientations of the models and practices of education / training;
- To analyze the contexts of education / training within the macro, meso and micro perspectives;
- To participate in the design of educational administration policies from the identification of personal and social needs;
- To manage structures and programs of formal and non-formal education;
- To organize, monitor, evaluate education / training projects.
Mode of Study
Access to Further Studies
In accordance with paragraph 1 of article 30th of the Decree-Law nr 74/2006, 24th March, in its current wording, completion of this 2nd cycle enables holders to apply for a 3rd cycle.
Admission Requirements

The MAE is aimed at people who demonstrate the ability to attend a 2nd cycle wishing to acquire in-depth knowledge in the field of educational administration, as well as to develop educational management and administrative skills of educational institutions. Thus, the following candidates can apply to this study cycle, leading to the degree Master in Educational Administration:
a) Graduates pre or post Bologna or holders of an equivalent degree in Education / Science Education or in the areas of Teaching;
b) Other graduates with functions in the areas of education / training and administration, having an academic, scientific and professional curriculum vitae considered relevant to attend this study cycle and, as that such, is recognized by the FPCEUC Scientific Council (SC).
c) In duly justified cases can access the course leading to the Master degree in EA other candidates with an interest in educational institutions management, as long as their academic and professional background is considered relevant to attend this study cycle and, as such, it is recognized by the FPCEUC Scientific Council (SC).

Candidates should check the admission requirements available on this site, in addition to the information provided here.

Recognition of Prior Learning
The recognition of prior learning is carried out according according to the Credits for Previous Learning and Work Experience Policy of the University of Coimbra
Qualification Requirements and Regulations
The legal framework for the qualification is established by the decrees: Decree-Law nr 74/2006, 24th March, in its current wording
Professional Goals
The Master Degree in Educational Administration aims to provide its students with models, methodologies and techniques in the context of education and training which will allow them an autonomous and responsible performance in a wide range of functions, including:
1. Management and leadership in formal education institutions and training and non-formal education centers;
2. Administrative management in education and training establishments and in non-formal education and training centers;
3. Advising the administrative and management bodies in public administration at national, regional and local level, namely:
General Directions;
Regional service directorates;
School institutions;
Training centers for associations of schools;
Examination Regulations, Assessment and Grading
As assessment is a pedagogical activity inseparable from the teaching process, its aim is to establish the students' competencies and knowledge, their critical sense, ability to recognize and resolve problems, as well as their written and oral presentation skills.
The evaluation of the curricular units that constitute the syllabus of the course is carried out according to the document “Evaluation Guidelines”, approved by the Pedagogical Council of the Faculty of Psychology and Education Sciences of the University of Coimbra.
Whenever the grade comprises more than one item, the final grade is calculated by taking into account the relative weight of each item according a formula published in the course outline under the terms of number 2 of article 7 of the UC Pedagogical Policy.
The final classification of the degree is determined according to the paragraphs 1, 2, 3, 5 and 6 of Article 36th Regulation no. 341/2015, 17th of july.

The final grade in the Master’s degree is determined in accordance with paragraphs 1, 2, 3, 4 and 8 of Article 54th of Regulation n. 341/2015, July 17th.
Graduation Requirements

The master degree is conferred to those that, concluded all the curricular units that integrate the master's degree study plan and obtained the approval of the public act of defense of an dissertation or an project report, or an internship report, having obtained 120 ECTS.

Study Programme
Applications Notice (only in portuguese)
1st Semester
Start date: 10-09-2018
End date: 20-12-2018
2nd Semester
Start date: 04-02-2019
End date: 30-05-2019
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Agência de Avaliação e Acreditação do Ensino Superior
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