A Universidade de Coimbra e os Serviços de Ação Social da Universidade de Coimbra não se responsabilizam pelos serviços prestados pelos operadores de alojamento divulgados no presente website, uma vez que apenas lhes compete divulgar as ofertas dos operadores que subscrevam este serviço. As reclamações que digam respeito aos serviços prestados no âmbito do alojamento referido deverão ser apresentadas no respetivo Livro de Reclamações, sendo a Autoridade de Segurança Alimentar e Económica (ASAE) competente para apreciação das mesmas.

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Welcome to the UC Accommodation portal!

We appreciate your business. With our support, it will be easier for you to find the most suitable accommodation.

In order to do so, you must first acknowledge that you have read, understood and agree to the following terms and conditions, applicable to all our services available online, by email or by telephone. This platform, all its content and infrastructure and the advertisement service of apartments / rooms provided on-line property of, operated and provided by UC Accommodation (also referred to as we, us, our, ours) and are available only under the conditions defined below.

1.Service provided by UC Accommodation
Providing an online platform through which owners of accommodation may, upon registration, advertise offers of accommodation, make changes to their accommodation offers and receive information regarding contacts from those potentially interested in hiring/ renting accommodation and those potentially interested in hiring/ renting accommodation may, upon registration, hire/ rent accommodation, have access to vacancies and express their intention of hiring / renting. The information provided by UC Accommodation is based on information received from owners and those potentially interested in hiring/ renting accommodation. This fact exempts UC Accommodation from liability regarding inaccurate, misleading or false. Information. This portal is solely intended for members of the University of Coimbra’s (UC) university community. Those considered to be members of the UC university community are: UC national and international students (including those who are proven to be arranging a period of mobility at the UC), teachers and staff workers, researchers, other employees and persons that have jobs at the UC, either paid or not. UC Accommodation reserves the right to verify the affiliation to the UC university community of those interested to hire / rent.

2. Price and payment
For those potentially interested in hiring/ renting accommodation service is free, so the legal relationship is established between the owner and interested in hiring/ renting accommodation. The payment due for the accommodation is delivered to the owner by the interested in hiring/ renting, under the conditions agreed between them.
All prices mentioned in accommodation offers at the Accommodation UC portal are shown per apartment or room for the mentioned period (day / week / month), with express indication of the period for which that price is valid, including all fees and taxes under the conditions required by law, except if otherwise mentioned in the offer of accommodation. All prices are shown in euros.

3. Privacy Policy
The UC Accommodation portal is guided by high ethical standards and guarantees no use of confidential data provided for different purposes than those under the provision of our services without your express consent. However, we reserve the right to use the data provided, to the extent strictly necessary for the provision of our service, including their transmission to our employees who need them to fully fulfil their official duties (including support services to owners / interested people, audits and evaluations), bearing in mind that they will not use confidential data outside work.

4. Cancellation of booking
When making a reservation for an accommodation, the interested in hiring/ renting accepts and agrees to the cancellation policy, of the sole responsibility of the owner. In the event of interested in hiring/ renting no-show the UC Accommodation is exempt of obligation to pay compensation, for any reason, to the owner. In the same way, UC Accommodation will not be obligated to pay any compensation, for any reason, to the interested in hiring/ renting in the event of breach of commitment by the owner.

5. Other provisions
The Portuguese version of these terms and conditions has been translated into English. The translated version is a courtesy, as it is a simple "office translation", of which cannot take any rights. In the event of a dispute over the content or interpretation of these terms and conditions or inconsistency or discrepancy between the original Portuguese version and the courtesy version, the Portuguese version shall prevail and will be used for legal purposes.