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Welcome the UC Alojamento/ UC Accommodation! portal. We appreciate your preference. With our support, it will be simpler to advertise your accommodation. To do this, you need to acknowledge that you have read, understood and agreed to the terms and conditions set out in the application form, applicable to all our services, available online, by email or by phone.

In this portal, after making your registration you may advertise accommodation offers, change them, and receive information regarding contacts of prospective guests. Prospective guests will be given access to the deals available and will be able to express their intent to hire.

The information on this is based upon information received from both local accommodation owners and prospective guests. This fact exempts the UC from liability for inaccurate, misleading or false information.

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Privacy Policy

The UC Alojamento UC / UC Accommodation! portal is guided by high ethical standards and ensures that personal confidential data provided for various purposes within the service must not be used without the express consent of the parties involved. We reserve the right to use the available data to the extent strictly necessary for the provision of the service, including its transfer to employees who need them for proper performance of their professional duties (including support to local accommodation owners /prospective guests / audits and evaluations), pointing out that they will not use this information out of their professional context.