Joana Ricarte is an Integrated Researcher at the University of Coimbra Institute for Legal Research (UCILeR) and Invited Assistant Professor of the MA in International Relations at the University of Beira Interior (UBI). A historian and political scientist with expertise in identity and conflict studies, her work has been interdisciplinary, in the intersection between International Relations, History, European Studies, Political Psychology and Sociology. She is the author of The Impact of Protracted Peace Processes on Identities in Conflict: the case of Israel and Palestine, published by Palgrave MacMillan, researcher and principal investigator (PI) in several projects funded by national and international programmes, including the European Commission's Horizon Europe. Currently, Joana Ricarte is also an Associate Researcher at the Center for Peace and Conflict Studies (CCP) of the International Relations Research Group (NUPRI) of the University of São Paulo, Brazil; Collaborator Researcher at the University of Coimbra's Center for Interdisciplinary Studies (CEIS20); and Special Advisor at the Organization for Identity and Cultural Development (OICD), in the UK. Her previous positions include Invited Assistant Professor of Cultural Heritage and Museology (MA) in the Department of History, European Studies, Archeology and Arts (DHEEAA) at the University of Coimbra (UC); Postdoctoral researcher at the Communication and Society Research Centre (CECS) of the University of Minho; and Postdoctoral researcher at the Center for Interdisciplinary Studies (CEIS20) of the University of Coimbra. Joana's research interests include critical perspectives on identity building, peace, violence(s) and conflict, particularly in the European context, as well as interpretative research, post-positivism and qualitative methodology. Her overall work has sought to explain how dynamics of identity, power and otherness shape protracted social conflicts in both domestic and International levels and how these are related with the maintenance and perpetuation of conflict through time.


Book (open access):

Ricarte, Joana (2023) The Impact of Protracted Peace Processes on Identities in Conflict: the case of Israel and Palestine. Cham: Palgrave Macmillan. 

Current Research Projects:

Principal Investigator (PI) of "OppAttune - Countering Oppositional Political Political Extremism through Attuned Dialogue: Track, Attune, Limit, HORIZON Europe, 2023-2026. 

Principal Investigador (PI) of “The Margins of the State in the Pandemic: Peripheral Experiences of Human (in)Security in Brazil”, Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies (CCP-NUPRI), University of São Paulo (USP), 2021-2024.

Scientific Coordinator (co-PI) of “Reprogram-EU: Fostering Inclusive Values, Policies and Identities through Participatory Cultural Programming in the European Union”, Center for Interdisciplinary Studies (CEIS20), University of Coimbra, 2022-2023.

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