Wood and Masonry Structures

Academic year
Subject Area
Structures and Structural Mechanics
Language of Instruction
Mode of Delivery
ECTS Credits
2nd Cycle Studies - Mestrado

Recommended Prerequisites

Strength of Materials, Structural Analysis, Construction Materials.

Teaching Methods

The teaching methodologies are based on theoretical-practical lessons with the exposure of theoretical concepts, immediately followed by their exemplification. At the end of the semester an application work with laboratory shed is proposed to allow contact with the material and its specificities.

Learning Outcomes

Competences in terms of knowledge of new materials and solutions:

Knowledge on the particularities of the materials presented.

Understanding the specifics regarding the application of materials and technologies presented.

Knowledge of the regulatory framework of design of wooden and masonry structures

Application of knowledge and decision-making:

Ability to develop practical projects with application of materials and technologies presented.

Development of ability to make choices in terms of structural design.

Development of evaluation capacity regarding the design solutions obtained.

Development's ability to solve problems resulting from the choices made.

Work Placement(s)



1.  Basic knowledge about the wood material.
1.1  Important characteristics and properties of the wood material.
1.2  Wood as building material.
1.3  Construction products of solid wood and its derivatives.
2.  Concept and design of wooden structures
2.1 Basis for design and properties of materials.
2.2 Ultimate limit States
2.3 Serviceability Limit States
2.4 Mechanical connections with dowel-type fasteners
2.5 Mechanical connections with contact connectors
2.6 Durability and preservation of wooden structures
3. Rehabilitation of wooden structures
4. Basic knowledge on the constituent materials of masonry structures
5. Concept and design of masonry structures.

Head Lecturer(s)

João Henrique Jorge de Oliveira Negrão

Assessment Methods

The evaluation is carried out through practical works undertaken throughout the semester together with a final exam.: 100.0%


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