Introduction to Nuclear Chemistry and Radiopharmacy

Academic year
Subject Area
Biomedical Sciences
Language of Instruction
Mode of Delivery
ECTS Credits
2nd Cycle Studies - Mestrado

Recommended Prerequisites


Teaching Methods

The unit comprises mandatory practical classes where radio marking, quality control, biodistribution, pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics studies are performed.
The unit also includes mandatory seminars taught by specialists in different areas coming from laboratories with which the University of Coimbra collaborates.

Learning Outcomes

Knowledge of laws on radio pharmacy, namely the regulations on radio-protection, and GMP, GLP and ICRP60 laws.
Basic equipment of a radio pharmacy (clinical/research) and its quality control.
Production, detection and quality control of radionuclides and radiopharmaceuticals.
Radiomarking processes and their quality control.
Radiopharmacology applications in biomedicine (clinical or research).

Work Placement(s)



Introduction to Nuclear Chemistry. Radionuclides' prodcution. Nuclear Medicine. Detection and quantification techniques. Particle accelerators.
Introduction to Radiopharmacology and its history.
Radiopharmacology equipment and laboratory.
Radiopharmaceuticals' characteristics. Basic methods of radioactive marking. Design and industrial production of radiopharmaceuticals.
Quality control. Storage and management of residues and waste.
Brief introduction to practical radio pharmacology.
Brief review of radiopharmaceutcial localisation mechanisms.
Radionuclides in pharmacology: pharmacokinetics and and pharmacodynamics. Biodistribution. Binding assays.
Introduction to the use of radiotracers/radiopharmaceuticals in Nuclear Medicine.
Introductio to auto-radiography.
Radionuclides' applications in Space Biology and Medicine.
Radiopharmacology laws, regulations and practice.

Head Lecturer(s)

Ana Cristina Aguiar Santos

Assessment Methods

Continuous evaluation
Continuous evaluation: 100.0%


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