Teaching of Psychology

Academic year
Subject Area
Language of Instruction
Mode of Delivery
ECTS Credits
2nd Cycle Studies - Mestrado

Recommended Prerequisites

Unconditional. However, convenient, to dominate, in the reading and understanding the English language and Spanish, in addition to Portuguese

Teaching Methods

Fundamentally, the students' expository, demonstrative strategies will be used, as well as discussion and also guided research. The use of lesson plans, current programs, materials and teaching and learning resources will be systematically used. Students will carry out class planning tasks and develop strategies for assessing knowledge and skills

Learning Outcomes

What, why, how, plan the educational action

Learning to Teach, Teaching to Learn

- Learn to plan lessons, sessions

- Know how to manage the interaction time

- Know how to select content

- Know how to evaluate skills, contents (educational evaluation)

- Know the curricula and programs

- Identify learning and teaching strategies and resources

- Update learning and teaching strategies and resources

Work Placement(s)



 Block 1: epistemological framework of the teaching of psychology


1. Conceptualization of teaching of psychology: the scientific study of the teaching of Psychology

2. Skills / professional profile / teacher (functional analysis of intervention);

3. Contexts of intervention, the Portuguese educational system (

4. Methodological guidelines for teaching (models and perspectives)

Block 2: Teaching-learning process


1. agents and components

2. the planning process (components)

3. the interaction process (models and resources)

4. the evaluation process (types and resources)

Assessment Methods

Presentation of the individual project, oral and written: 30.0%
Presentation of the final report of the project, individual and written: 70.0%


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