Academic year
Subject Area
Biomedical Engineering
Language of Instruction
Mode of Delivery
ECTS Credits
2nd Cycle Studies - Mestrado

Recommended Prerequisites


Teaching Methods

One of the goals of this curricular unit is to promote autonomous work by the student under guidance by the advisor and/or supervisor. This supervision is interactive and with periodicity established by the curricular unit contact hours.

Learning Outcomes

- Ability to work with high degree of autonomy, propose solutions, test and validate them.
- Ability to apply known solutions to new problems;
- Ability to compare experimental data with those predicted based on existing models;
- Ability to search and use bibliography, as well as other information sources relevant to the research work or technological development.
- Ability to go into new fields through self-study.
- Be able to present the results of his/her research to professionals.
- Integrate knowledge acquired from various sources in order to understand a problem and propose a solution.

Work Placement(s)



The project is a curricular unit comprising a scientific or technological work in the field of Biomedical Engineering, with research or/and innovation character. This work is individual but can be part of a project involving a small group of students (2 or 3 students). In this case, there must be predefined tasks for each element of the group. In any case the final assessment is individual. The project may be carried out outside the FCTUC and FMUC (wholly or partially), in companies or other institutions. In any case, there will always be a UC faculty member responsible for the project, regardless of whether the host institution provides a supervisor.
The project includes writing a Master dissertation and its final presentation for evaluation by a jury. In addition, the student will have to make at least two public presentations of his/her work.

Assessment Methods

Project: 100.0%


Literatura científica e técnica adequada ao tema do projecto.
Manuais de utilização de aparelhos e notas de especificação de fabricantes.
Material de promoção e divulgação comercial de aparelhos e sistemas.

Scientific and technical literature appropriate to the theme of the project.
Equipments user manuals and manufacturers specification notes.
Commercial and promotional material concerning equipments and systems.