Robotics and Manipulation Project

Academic year
Subject Area
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Language of Instruction
Other Languages of Instruction
Mode of Delivery
ECTS Credits
3rd Cycle Studies

Recommended Prerequisites

Mathematics, Physics (Mechanics), Control, Programming.

Teaching Methods

A combination of the following methods will be employed: project consisting of research and synthesis about a subject and/or working out of practical assignments consisting of simulation and/or real implementation.

Learning Outcomes

In this course it will be acquired the skills required to understand and apply the fundamental concepts concerning robotic systems, namely the following topics: components and subsystems, description of the motion of a rigid body, kinematics of robot manipulators, robot manipulator dynamics, robot control, kinematics of multi-fingered hands, non-holonomic behaviour in robotic systems, non-holonomic motion planning, sensors, programming and simulation, future perspectives. It is a general course in the area of robotic manipulators and manipulation.

Acquiring competencies in analysis and synthesis, autonomous learning, practical application of theoretical knowledge, solving problems, critical reasoning, adaptivity to new situations, creativity.

Work Placement(s)



Introduction to robotic systems. Components and subsystems. Description of the motion of a rigid body. Manipulator kinematics. Robot dynamics. Robot control. Multi-fingered hand kinematics. Non-holonomic behaviour in robotic systems. Non-holonomic motion planning. Sensors. Programming and simulation. Future perspectives.

Head Lecturer(s)

Rui Alexandre de Matos Araújo

Assessment Methods

Evaluation consists of research work and/or laboratory or field work with a weight of 50% on the final mark, and synthesis work with a weight of 50% on the final mark: 100.0%


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