Computer-aided Project

Academic year
Subject Area
Structures and Structural Mechanics
Language of Instruction
Mode of Delivery
ECTS Credits
2nd Cycle Studies - Mestrado

Recommended Prerequisites

Steel Structures, Reinforced Concrete, Structural Analysis, Strength of Materials, Mechanics of Materials, Technical drawing.

Teaching Methods

Presentation of methodologies for analysis and design, its context and framing and solving numerical problems.

Comparison of results and development of critical thinking.

Preparation and scheduling of practical work (project) distributed in class.

Use of drawing tools.

Discussion / clarification of questions regarding the completion of study or work in the period of service.

Learning Outcomes

1. Modelling and slabs design in the building structures context, including the support beams.
2. Modelling and design of columns in the building structures context.
3. Modal analysis of the seismic behaviour of the 3D model in the building structures context.
4. Modelling and design of the foundations in the building structures context.
5. Modelling and design of particular components (stairs, walls, etc.)
6. Possibility of model optimization.

Work Placement(s)



1. Use of Eurocodes for building design: EC1990, EC1991, EC1992, EC1997 and EC1998;
2. Design conditions. Actions on structures. Combinations of loads and safety verifications;
3. Structural Analysis and Design of concrete structures;
4. 2D model of slabs in the building structures context, including the support beams;
5. 3D model for columns design in the building structures context;
6. Dynamic seismic analysis in the building structures context;
7. Box stairs, foundations, alternative analysis and model optimization.

Assessment Methods

Exam: 40.0%
5 Practical Works: 60.0%


1. EC1990, EC1991, EC1992, EC1997 e EC1998.

2. SAP2000 : Linear and nonlinear static and dynamic analysis and design of three-dimensional structures : Getting started

3. SAP2000 : Integrated software for structural analysis and design : Análisis reference manual.

4. Eugénio Onate - Cálculo de Estructuras por el Método de Elementos Finitos, CIMNI, 1992

5. M. Lapa- Projecto Assistido por Computador, DEC-FCTUC, 1999

6. Bathe and E. Wilson- Numerical Methods in Finite Element Analysis, Prentice-Hall, 1976

7. Compilação de apontamentos diversos.