Theory of Structures II

Academic year
Subject Area
Structures and Structural Mechanics
Language of Instruction
Mode of Delivery
ECTS Credits
2nd Cycle Studies - Mestrado

Recommended Prerequisites

Statics, Continuum Mechanics, Strength of Materials

Teaching Methods

Classes which may involve visual media of the basic concepts and fundamentals. Some examples are solved to fill the student needs as the subjects are concerned. Tutorials where the student under the teacher guidance must develop skills to solve on their own other examples.

Learning Outcomes

The students are provided with the most important concepts, principles and theories which explain, understand and reflect the material and/or geometric nonlinear behaviour of structures undergoing static and dynamic loading. Approaches which can be easily employed to design structures with linear elastic behaviour are referred and used. Plate structures are solved with a particular emphasis on plane stress and strain problems. Flexure of plates with constant moment is also solved.

Work Placement(s)



1. Finite element method

Bernoulli beam. Triangular finite element for plane stress and strains. Triangular element with constant moments for plate bending.

2. Material non-linear behaviour

Incremental elasto-plastic analysis. Plastic limit analysis.

3. Geometric non-linear behaviour

Elastic stability and bifurcation. Geometric stiffness matrix. Load which produces the elastic instability of a plane frame. Approximate procedures.

4. Structural Dynamics

One degree of freedom systems. Natural frequency. Free vibrations with or without damping. Harmonic vibrations. Impulse function. Response spectra. Modal analysis method for multi degrees of freedom systems

5. Cross method (fixed joints)

Rotational stiffness, distribution and transmission coefficients. Nodal equilibrium.

 6. Distribution of horizontal forces in buildings with resistant walls.

Isostatic, hyperstatic and boxed system of walls.

Assessment Methods

Exam: 100.0%

Two papers: 100.0%


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