Reinforced Concrete II

Academic year
Subject Area
Structures and Structural Mechanics
Language of Instruction
Mode of Delivery
ECTS Credits
2nd Cycle Studies - Mestrado

Recommended Prerequisites

Strength of Materials I, Strength of Materials II, Theory of Structures I, Reinforced Concrete I

Teaching Methods

Each subject of the course will be delivered through the explanation of theoretical concepts followed by exemplification of practical situations where these concepts are needed. Practical examples will be solved. It will also be distributed other exercises to be solved in class by students under the supervision of teachers. Students will also have the opportunity to put questions outside of class period, during office hours of teachers.

Learning Outcomes

For practical cases of reinforced concrete structures it is intended that students can improve their skills towards the identification of the structural system and the actions on these structures. The aim is also to be able to make the design and analysis of specific elements, including columns, slabs and foundations. To this end they will have to become familiar with rules and standards that contain specific aspects of the design of columns, slabs, foundations, both the documents relating to the definition of materials, such as the definition of the actions, and the corresponding structural design and construction of structures.

Work Placement(s)



1. Reinforced concrete columns. Columns under bending with compression. Behaviour of slender members. Second order effects. Ultimate limit state of buckling. Frame structures. Biaxial bending. Design of columns and construction details.

 2. Reinforced concrete slabs. Theory of Elasticity. Lagrange Equation and boundary conditions. Theory of Plasticity. Hillerborg and Yield Line Theories. Flat slabs. Punching Shear. Design of slabs and construction details.

 3. Retaining walls of reinforced concrete

 4. Foundations of reinforced concrete structures.

Assessment Methods

2 testes de frequência : 100.0%


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