Research Methods

Academic year
Subject Area
Informatics Engineering
Language of Instruction
Mode of Delivery
ECTS Credits
3rd Cycle Studies

Recommended Prerequisites

English (B1 level).

Teaching Methods

Module I covers aspects of philosophy of science of, research methods and ethics, and it is presented

The contents are taught mainly as lectures, including the discussion of relevant case-studies, production, communication and critical . The assessment consists of an examination (30%) and two projects (about module II and III) with a deliverable and discussion (35% each).

Learning Outcomes

The curricular unit aims to develop competencies for the critical appraisal and production of scientific research based on quantitative and qualitative methods in the context of computer science.

Work Placement(s)



I) Introduction
1. Science, technology and research
2. Research methods in computer science
3. Integrity and conduct
II) Quntitative research methods
1. Modelling
2. Formal methods
3. Experimental methods
4. Computer simulation
III) Qualitative methods
1. Design of a qualitative study
2. Qualitative approaches
3. Collection, analysis, validation and assessment in qualitative research
4. Topics of Design Research and Action Research
5. Mixed models.

Head Lecturer(s)

Luís Filipe dos Santos Coelho Paquete

Assessment Methods

Mini Tests: 30.0%
Project: 70.0%


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