Seminar in Data Aquisition and Interpretation

Academic year
Subject Area
Language of Instruction
Other Languages of Instruction
Mode of Delivery
ECTS Credits
2nd Cycle Studies - Mestrado

Recommended Prerequisites

Basic knowledge of Geosciences.

Teaching Methods

Workshops, thematic modules and lectures, with subsequent study work on case studies, presented on the form of reports and culminating with a synthesis work.

Learning Outcomes

1. Knowledge and ability to understand the operational steps of data acquisition techniques.
2. Application of knowledge and understanding in the process of data acquisition and practice your organization enhancers formats interpretation

3. Realization of judgment /decision making: promotes the discussion of the effectiveness and range of operational tools and design or, as a preliminary to the decision of research guidelines; Comparative analysis of the contribution of each method.
4. Communication: the information is organized in the form of reports, highlighting the use of standard formulations and specific terminology; articulation of individual components in data collection and interpretation encompassed; presentation of analyzes and interpretations.

5. Skills self-learning: it reinforces self-learning to improve iteratively interpretive scenarios of data; self-criticism of accuracy and value in data acquisition and contributions to the interpretations.

Work Placement(s)



Workshops, thematic modules and lectures to choose between the following topics (non-exhaustive list):
- Field data: standardization, localization and sampling
- Research polls with continuous core drilling: strategy, selection methods and implementation problems.
- Geochemical Surveys: sampling strategy, identification of anomalies and exposure of case studies
- Depositional architecture of the micro-meso scale: methodology outcrop analogues *
- New trend analysis of the depositional architecture meso-scale: the GPR (Ground Penetrating Radar)

- Diagenesis analysis: microscopic and mineralogical analysis of Illuvial and cementation
- Acquisition and interpretation of seismic data: tectonic aspects *
- Acquisition and interpretation of seismic data: depositional macro-architecture *
- Acquisition and interpretation of seismic data: discontinuities and non-conformities.

Head Lecturer(s)

Rui Paulo Bento Pena dos Reis

Assessment Methods

Synthesis work: 40.0%
Report of a seminar or field trip: 60.0%


A bibliografia necessária para o Seminário depende dos temas selecionados. A bibliografia será adequada e sistemática para apreensão dos conceitos, métodos e instrumentos. Serão utilizadas fontes variadas e específicas para aprofundamento do trabalho próprio.

The bibliography required for the Seminar depends on selected themes. The bibliography will be properly and systematically seized to the concepts, methods and tools. Varied and specific sources will be used.