Impact Assessment and Environmental Rehabilitation

Academic year
Subject Area
Language of Instruction
Mode of Delivery
ECTS Credits
2nd Cycle Studies - Mestrado

Recommended Prerequisites

Prerequisites advised at the level of Generic Skills: in) instrumental - competence of analysis and synthesis; competence in organization and planning; competence in joint interdisciplinary content; competence to apply in practice theoretical knowledge already acquired; competence to solve problems; b) Personal - critical thinking competence; skills in autonomous work and group work; c) systemic - skills in planning and research.

Teaching Methods

Lectures and practical with carrying out laboratory work and field. Teaching methods fall into: the Cognitive Model of Education - oral presentation with deductive strategies (presentation of a statement introductory organizer, progressive differentiation and integrative synthesis); critical teaching with the presentation and discussion of problems; research, with deductive and inductive strategies; in Learning Interpersonal Models - Research Work Group.

Learning Outcomes

This course aims to give: i) knowledge within the environmental impact assessment; ii) skills for planning, management and implementation of environmental impact; iii) knowledge of environmental protection; iv) skills for planning of environmental rehabilitation projects.

From the point of view of knowledge, abilities and skills, the students should:

- Identify multidisciplinary concepts related to environmental projects

- Meet the objectives and cycle of the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)

- Know the environmental legislation

- Distinguish different types of environmental impacts

- Produce inventories, matrices and thematic mapping

- Identifies the actions inherent to a project

- Outline the design of an environmental impact study in accordance with current legislation

- Prepare an environmental impact study on the abiotic component

- Compare the use of different techniques of environmental rehabilitation

- Develop a proposal for an environmental rehabilitation project.

Work Placement(s)



Theme 1 - General multidisciplinary concepts involving environmental projects

Theme 2 - Environmental Legislation and Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)

Theme 3 - Identification and characterization of environmental impacts.

Theme 4 - Environmental Impact Studies (EIS)

Theme 5 - Environmental Rehabilitation (ER)

Theme 6 - Specific problems related to mining - case studies.

Head Lecturer(s)

Alexandre Manuel de Oliveira Soares Tavares

Marina Marques da Silva Cabral Pinto

Assessment Methods

Synthesis work: 40.0%
Frequency: 60.0%


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