Physics of Radiology

Academic year
Subject Area
Física Médica
Language of Instruction
Other Languages of Instruction
Mode of Delivery
ECTS Credits
2nd Cycle Studies - Mestrado

Recommended Prerequisites

Not applicable.

Teaching Methods

• Theorectical lectures

• Computing, laboratorial and in the hospital environment practical classes

• Tutorials: student supervision in the preparation of the presentations and synthesis work to be done by students.

Learning Outcomes

The course's main objectives:

- Provide students with solid knowledge on the basic physical concepts, dosimetric aspects and instrumentation of X-rays based imaging techniques for diagnosis and intervention;.

-Leading to the integration of basic knowledge to understand and relate the type of information that the imaging techniques can provide, the adjustable parameters of the equipment and their relation with the dose received by the patient and with the image quality.

- Acquisition of basic knowledge and skills to know how to evaluate i) the performance of the equipment in the various modalities that is included in the equipment quality control tests; ii) the image quality in the patient dose optimization perspective.

Work Placement(s)



1 - X-ray sources for imaging; X-ray spectra.

2. Image quality evaluation: contrast, resolution, sharpness, SNR2 / D, DQE, MTF.

3. X-ray planar imaging techniques

3.1. Image formation

3.2. Radiography, Mammography and Fluoroscopy

3.3. Flat panels for digital radiography: direct and indirect conversion detectors

4. Computed Tomography

4.1. Formation and acquisition of image

4.2. TAC tomographs (including detectors)

4.3. Methods of CT reconstruction

4.4. Tomosynthesis

5. Dual energy imaging and absorptiometry

6. Dual and multi-modal imaging

7. Patient dosimetry for X-rays used in radiology

7.1. Specification of X-ray beams

7.2. Quantities and units for measurement and calculation

7.3. Measurement methods

7.4. Organ / tissue dose determination

8. Visualization, perception and evaluation of the image in radiology.

Head Lecturer(s)

Maria Isabel Silva Ferreira Lopes

Assessment Methods

Synthesis work: 20.0%
Other: 20.0%
Exam: 60.0%


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