Real Estate Law and Registries Law

Academic year
Subject Area
Civil Legal
Language of Instruction
Mode of Delivery
ECTS Credits
2nd Cycle Studies - Mestrado

Recommended Prerequisites

General knowledge of Private Law and, in particular, General Part of the Civil Code; The Law of Obligations; Land Law.

Teaching Methods

Lectures. Discussion sessions of themes. Such sessions may take place at the end of the master classes or in the scope of the discussion of papers to be presented by the students. It will be relevant for the evaluation of knowledge to participate in the classes, in the discussion sessions and discussion of the topics and the quality of the seminar.  

Learning Outcomes

Students are expected to expand theoretical knowledge of Property Law and real rights.

Students are expected to: acquire theoretical knowledge on the different Notary systems, the Portuguese in particular, as well as the main systems of registration, chiefly the Portuguese land registry and commercial registry.

Work Placement(s)



1. Real Estate Law in general.

- Real rights versus credit rights: theories

- Classification of real rights

- Characteristics of  the real rights

- Differences between real rights and credit rights

- Ordering principles in real rights

- Possession

- Ownership

- Co-Ownership

- Apartment ownership (condominium)

- Security interests, maxime the mortgage

2. Notary

- Introduction

- Main systems of notary

- Notary activity in Portugal: a cursory historical reference

- The statute of Portuguese Notaries

- Nature of the notary function

3. Land Registry

- Registry publicity

- Main systems of land registration

- The Portuguese land law registration system

- Principles of portuguese  Registry

- Registry efects.

- Registry defects.

- The process of justification of rights

- Provisional registration of acquisition versus the promissory contract with erga omnes efficacy

Assessment Methods

Assiduity and participation: 20.0%
Research work: 80.0%


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