Game Design

Academic year
Subject Area
Computer Science
Language of Instruction
Mode of Delivery
ECTS Credits
2nd Cycle Studies - Mestrado

Recommended Prerequisites

Not applicable.

Teaching Methods

The teaching methodology is based on a combination of theoretical presentation and discussion of models, methods and instruments with practical application exercises in delimited contexts.

The student is required to autonomously execute 10 weekly assignments on relevant topics.

Students are also required to perform a group project where they will exercise the course techniques, and develop capacities for communication and work organization required in the project context. 

Learning Outcomes

This curricular unit addresses the development of competencies required for the conception and production of original games. The student will develop an understanding of the characteristics of games as technical objects and human, social and learning activities, developing the  capacity for critical appreciation and synthesis of game proposals as interactive media products, and acquire competencies for applying techniques to the analysis, conception, construction and evaluation of computer games and game experiences, develop capacities for creativity, communication and organization of the production process in a team, preparing the student for industry or research with the capacity for autonomous learning in the area.

Work Placement(s)



1. Historical perspective on the study of games and videogames 

2. Introduction to the Aesthetics of Interaction

3. Modeling the Game Experience

4. Creativity and Design Methodologies

5. Sound Design

6. Games and Player Populations

7. Games as Learning Contexts

8. Game Engine Architecture

9. Gameplay Experience Evaluation

10. Game Balancing.

Head Lecturer(s)

Licínio Gomes Roque

Assessment Methods

Project: 50.0%
Resolution Problems: 50.0%


Johan Huizinga, Homo Ludens (excerpt)

Klabbers, The Magic Circle (excerpts)

Salem & Zimmerman, Rules of Play (excerpt)

Jesse Schell, The Art of Game Design (excerpt)

Tracy Fullerton, Game Design Workshop (excerpt)

Espen Arseth, Cybertext (excerpt)

Joseph Campbel, The hero's journey (synthesis)

Jason Gregory, Game Engine Architecture (excerpt)

Czikszentmihalyi, The Flow (optional)

Selecção de artigos científicos:

Jenova Chen, Flow in Games

Richard Bartle, Hearts Clubs Diamonds Spaces: Players who suit MUDS

Alves & Roque, Sound Design deck and pattern language

Araújo & Roque, Modeling Games with Petri Nets

Pereira & Roque, Towards a participation centrered model of gameplay exprience; case studies on gameplay metrics

Pereira & Roque, Design Guidelines for Learning games

Roque, A Sociotechnical Conjecture about the Context and Development of Multiplayer Online Game Experiences