Research Project II – 6 ECTS

Academic year
Subject Area
Education Sciences
Language of Instruction
Other Languages of Instruction
Mode of Delivery
ECTS Credits
2nd Cycle Studies - Mestrado

Recommended Prerequisites

Domain of the English language

Teaching Methods

1. Tutorial supervision (face-to-face and using ICT) throughout the student's participation in the research project;

2. Participation of the student in research group meetings in which the project is integrated   

Learning Outcomes

To acquire knowledge about the theories, concepts and scientific research methods used in the field of knowledge in which the participation in research activities is carried out, under the supervision of one or more instructors;  to  acquire the skills about the critical procedures required for the organization , implementation and evaluation of a research project; to acquire critical awareness about the collaborative role played by the students in solving research problems; to acquire skills about the process of analyzing the data collected in the project, writing scientific papers and interpreting their peer review; to be able to take responsibility for the dissemination of the goals, procedures and/or results of the project to the scientific community; to be able to effectively integrate the research team, displaying teamwork skills 

Work Placement(s)



Specific knowledge (concepts, theories, the main body of evidence produced, topics that remain unanswered) in the scientific field where the research project in which the student participates is integrated; 2. Analysis of the contribution of the research project to the advancement of the scientific knowledge in the field in which it is integrated; 3. Presentation of the methodology used (participants, instruments/equipment, form(s) of analysis of the data collected and forms of dissemination of the results to the scientific community) and guidance about the participation of the student in the project; 4. Presentation of the ethical procedures and of the devices used to guarantee its full compliance; 5. Guidance in the writing of scientific report comprising the activities carried out by the student, under the supervision of the researcher(s)/instructor(s) 

Head Lecturer(s)

Carlos Manuel Folgado Barreira

Assessment Methods

Assessment method
Elaboration of a report describing the activities that were carried out by the student: 100.0%


Todos os recursos bibliográficos considerados indispensáveis para a elaboração do relatório de participação no projeto de investigação/ All the resources considered necessary for the elaboration the report about the student’s participation in the research project