Organizational Behavior

Academic year
Subject Area
Área Científica do Menor
Language of Instruction
Mode of Delivery
ECTS Credits
1st Cycle Studies

Recommended Prerequisites


Teaching Methods

Theory exposition, in class discussion, group research and group presentations.


Learning Outcomes

Overall objectives

Inspire students’ awareness for the complexity of managing people in organizational context and provide a basic understanding of the main responsibilities of a human resources manager

Specific objectives

a) Identify main issues concerning human behaviour management

b) Understand individual psychological traits and human relations dynamics

c) Know the main technical areas of intervention of Human Resources Management

d) Reflect upon human dilemmas within business management

Generic competencies

Instrumental (Cognitive and Methodological) and Interpersonal.


Work Placement(s)



PART I – The Organizational Context

1. The Organizational Behavior field of study and the role of the Manager

2. Human Nature and Concepts of Organization

PART II – The Individual and the Group

3. Groups and Team Work

4. Perceptions and Communication

5. Rationality and Decision Making

6. Values, Attitudes and Job Satisfaction

7. Personality

8. Interpersonal Relations - transactional analysis

9. Motivation Theories

10. Conflict and Negotiation

11. Organizational Change

PART III – Basic Activities of Human Resources Management

12. The HRM function

13. Job Description and Competence Analysis

14. Recruitment and Selection.

Head Lecturer(s)

Ana Luísa Sousa Pinto

Assessment Methods

Final exam – 40%; two group assignments – 50%, participation in class - 10%. This course will not have oral tests.: 100.0%


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