Archaeogeography and Planning

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2nd Cycle Studies - Mestrado

Recommended Prerequisites

Not applicable.

Teaching Methods

Theoretical-Practical classes of presentation and discussion of the course contents' subjects. Discussion of texts on techniques, metrics and construction materials.

Learning Outcomes

Archaeogeography is an innovative subject area. It can never be mistaken for Archaeology. Archaeogeography, the subject that studies the long-term dynamics of space and contributes to study the dimensions of geohistorical objects not yet addressed by the subjects of historical geography, geohistory and archaeology of landscape and environment, is initially defined as an archaeology of knowledge, in the sense attributed by Michel Foucault to this expression.

The link to Archaeology is found in the renewal of the objects of the historical past, along with Spatial Archaeology or Network Archaeology, urban chrono-chorematics, cultural or social geoanthropology, landscape ecology and the paleo environmental sciences.

There are plans to include this subject in the studies of the dynamics of the past and to use the wisdom resulting from archaeogeographic analyses as an instrument for territorial planning.

Work Placement(s)



1. Introduction

2. Archaeogeography: the subject that studies the dynamics of space.

3. The sources and the archaeogeographic objects

4. The subject of the recomposition of the geohistorical objects

5. Archaeogeography and Space Anthropology

6. From environment to landscape, from landscape to Territory

7. Reexamination of the objects of the past, concepts and paradigms

8. Spatio-temporalities

9. Transmission and transformission of the objects and processes of inheritance

10. The Compiled Map or the Geographic Database

11. Archaeogeography, a specialized knowledge area at the service of the public planning policies

12. Practical assignments.

Head Lecturer(s)

Maria da Conceição Lopes

Assessment Methods

Research work: 50.0%
Other: 50.0%


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