Organizations and Political Regimes

Academic year
Subject Area
Modern and Contemporary Era History
Language of Instruction
Mode of Delivery
ECTS Credits
2nd Cycle Studies - Mestrado

Recommended Prerequisites

Not applicable.

Teaching Methods

The seminar will be organized around different forms of ongoing assessment: presentation of content, supervision of tasks and problem solving by lecturers; presentations and collective debates by students.

Learning Outcomes

This module aims to reconstitute the evolution of modern political forms, from the nineteenth century to the present, through different geographical spaces, which also entails diverse historical narratives: national history (of Portugal, in particular), comparative and transnational history (with a focus on the European continent) and global history (highlighting the ways both Portugal and Europe developed in those global dynamics). Students will be encouraged to identify the relation between the main political phenomena that produced our contemporaneity. On the one hand, the course follows the evolution of institutional formations such as the nation-state, or, at a supranational level, the European Union. On the other hand, it will identify the different forms of political mobilization in relation to which those institutional formations took shape – often contentiously –, from the working class movement to anticolonial struggles and more recent repertoires of grassroots politics.

Work Placement(s)



1. The making of the Modern State

2. Empires, Nations and Minorities

3. States and War

4. Third World and Decolonization

5. The Invention of Western Europe

6. The Portuguese State Between Empire and Europe

7. Rise and fall of the Social Contract

8. The end of Socialism.

Head Lecturer(s)

João Paulo Cabral de Almeida Avelãs Nunes

Assessment Methods

Synthesis work: 20.0%
Research work: 80.0%


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