Classics of Italian Literature

Academic year
Subject Area
Italian Literature
Language of Instruction
Other Languages of Instruction
Mode of Delivery
ECTS Credits
1st Cycle Studies

Recommended Prerequisites

Italian knowledge equivalent to the A2 level of the CEFRL.

Teaching Methods

- Theoretical exposition, analysis of texts by the professor, viewing of framing materials.

- Contact with libraries and bibliographic specimens, guided management of platforms.

- Analysis of texts by students, individually or in groups, under the guidance of the professor, presentation and summary of texts.

Learning Outcomes

- Know the studied work, its author and its historical and literary context.

- Be familiar with the readings made throughout the semester and be able to discuss them in its general aspects.

- Understand why the work was given the value of a classic.

- Have strengthened reading skills and be able appling them with motivation to other literary works.

Work Placement(s)



A great work of Italian literature will be studied, which may belong to any period and to any genre, to choose from among its classics. The choice will take into account factors related to contemporaneity, that may make the study of certain works more stimulating, as well as the specificity of the group of students concerned and their interests.

- Why read the classics: Italo Calvino. Stories of Italian literature: the classics of Asor Rosa. Modalities for the recognition of major works.

- Presentation of the work. Genesis, history, title.

- The work and the author. Precedents and models.

- Structure.

- Themes, motives, forms.

- Classics and time. Critical tradition and balance.

Head Lecturer(s)

Rita Maria da Silva Marnoto

Assessment Methods

Periodic Assessment
Synthesis work: 20.0%
Mini Tests: 80.0%

Final Assessment
Exam: 100.0%


Asor Rosa, A. (1992-1996) (Ed.). Letteratura italiana. Le opere. 4 vols. 5 ts. Torino: Einaudi.

Calvino, I. (2018). Perchè leggere i classici. Milano: Mondadori [trad. J. C. Barreiros.]. Lisboa: Teorema.

Ferroni, G. (2016). Storia della letteratura italiana. 4 vols. Torino: Einaudi Scuola.

Santagata, M.; et al. (2015) Il filo rosso. Vv. vols. Milano: Laterza.  

Segre, C. (1999). Avviamento all’analisi del testo letterario. Torino: Einaudi.

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