17th and 18th century French Literature

Academic year
Subject Area
French Literature
Language of Instruction
Other Languages of Instruction
Mode of Delivery
ECTS Credits
1st Cycle Studies

Recommended Prerequisites


Teaching Methods

- Theoretical presentations made by the teachers or prepared by students

- Analysis, interpretation and discussion of texts in the syllabus or other resource texts/videos

- Research work and analysis presented or given in class.

Learning Outcomes

Students should be able to read the syllabus French Literature contexts and texts. At the end of the course, they should be able to recognise France’s aesthetic and cultural trends in genres and modes between the XVIIth and the XVIIIth centuries. They should also be able, through the confrontation of these genres and modes, to project the XIXth century.

Work Placement(s)



The syllabus will be organized around a topic – e.g. “The tragic mode in drama and fiction fiction in XVIIth and XVIIIth centuries”; “Dramatic writing and fiction worlds from Grand Siècle to Lumières” -  on the confrontation between different modes through the evolution of literary writing and its easthetic values. Selected texts will show different perceptions of discourse modes in different literary forms and different periods, as well as the explicit and expressive dialogue sustained by the authors themselves (e.g. Mme de La Fayette, reader of Racine; Rousseau, reader of Mme de La Fayette; Cyrano announcing Voltaire).

Head Lecturer(s)

Maria Marta Dias Teixeira da Costa Anacleto

Assessment Methods

Final Assessment
Exam: 100.0%

Periodic Assessment
Mini Tests: 25.0%
Other: 25.0%
Frequency: 50.0%


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