English 1

Academic year
Subject Area
Language-Anglo-American Studies
Language of Instruction
Mode of Delivery
ECTS Credits
1st Cycle Studies

Recommended Prerequisites

Level B2 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages

Teaching Methods

This course is taught in English at CEFR Level B2 (Upper Intermediate). The course books, Oxford EAP (English for Academic Purposes), and the Oxford Grammar for EAP, are fundamental to each lesson. Recordings, videos and texts of an academic nature featured in these books are used to generate various reading, writing, listening, speaking and research activities which may be carried out individually or in pairs or groups. Independent study of grammar and the monolingual dictionary is undertaken by the student outside of class. Homework assignments are to be completed by the date specified.

Learning Outcomes

The students will:

Develop their reading, writing, listening and speaking skills at B2 level for academic work.

Develop essential skills for academic study such as critical thinking, note-taking, citation, referencing, summarising, paraphrasing and avoiding plagiarism.

Acquire methods of independent study which encourage productive learning habits as well as effective use of monolingual learner’s dictionaries and grammars. 

Work Placement(s)



English 1 starts to prepare students to study in English at university level, whatever their chosen subject.

The language required for academic work is analysed and practised in detail, focusing in English 1 on preparation for academic study, description and definition in academic work, and using supportive evidence in academic papers.

The grammar component includes the noun group and nominalization in academic contexts, and simple, compound and complex sentence structures in formal usage. The vocabulary component concentrates on lexical fields necessary for academic discourse over a wide range of subjects, as well as metalanguage for understanding grammatical explanations.

Reference skills are important in this course. Students will become familiar with the Oxford Grammar for EAP, which provides a basis for classwork and is essential for the extensive independent study which students will be expected to do. They will also learn to interpret and make use of the information provided.

Head Lecturer(s)

John David Mock

Assessment Methods

Final Assessment
Exam: 100.0%

Periodic Assessment
Other: 30.0%
Frequency: 35.0%
Mini Tests: 35.0%


De Chazal, Edward and McCarter,Sam (2012)  Oxford EAP: A Course in English for Academic Purposes Upper Intermediate/B2. Oxford: Oxford University Press  ISBN 978-0-19-400178-6


Paterson, Ken (2013) Oxford Grammar for EAP  Oxford: Oxford University Press  ISBN 978-0-19-432999-6


Recommended Dictionaries:

(2015) Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary with DVD and Premium Online Access Code: Oxford University Press ISBN 978-0-19-479879-2