Relationship Marketing

Academic year
Subject Area
Language of Instruction
Mode of Delivery
ECTS Credits
1st Cycle Studies

Recommended Prerequisites

No recommended prerequisites although the course of Marketing is important.

Teaching Methods

On this course unit the syndicate work will be stimulated and the lecturing shall be profoundly interactive, evolving the participants on the classes’ animation. During the learning process it shall be aimed that the students might be evolved so that it might correspond to their individual interests, never keeping out of sight the imposed conceptual bases. Always as possible, an eminent practical component shall be given to the lectured subject areas with the evolvement of corporations or real cases.

Learning Outcomes

Relationship Marketing aims to assume itself as a new marketing vision set to create value to the stakeholders and guarantee customers loyalty. In this course the aim is to understand the essence of this approach and understand its contributions to a more effective marketing strategy and the creation of a highly profitable client portfolio based on a long term perspective. The present programme is set on the assumption that its participants have a basic marketing training. As a final result, the participants should reveal a new marketing vision, settled on the creation of stable and durable relations, and mutually beneficial between the corporations and its customers.

Work Placement(s)



I. From a transactional marketing to a relationship marketing • The essence of loyalty • Costumers rotation costs • The benefits of loyalty • The meaning of loyalty

II. Sources of value for customers

III. Relationship marketing according its recipients: • B2B • B2C • Services

IV. Managing relationships

V. The CRM Role

VI. The conquest for loyalty • How to be nearer to the clients • Creativity at the loyalty service • Experiencial Marketing

VII. Towards a Marketing 3.0

Head Lecturer(s)

Carmina Simion Simescu Martinho Nunes

Assessment Methods

The participants shall be evaluated by their performance and evolvement on the sessions, complemented with the elaboration of a final individual essay : 100.0%


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