Quality Planning and Assessment

Academic year
Subject Area
Economia e Gestão
Language of Instruction
Mode of Delivery
ECTS Credits
2nd Cycle Studies - Mestrado

Recommended Prerequisites

Not applicable.

Teaching Methods

The topics are addressed by means of combination of different methodologies, which comprise expositive techniques and interactive techniques, essentially based on the discussion of case studies and exercises. It is expected that students actively participate in the presentation and discussion of some papers.

For each topic scientific and professional-oriented papers are suggested. Such papers are expected to be used in the case-studies preparation. Often, some questions are identified that call for further research and that can be used to initiate new studies.

Learning Outcomes

The unit aims

• To make students understand that achieving Organisational Excellence depends on the implementation of quality principles, on the definition of goals and targets aligned with the needs and expectations of the various stakeholders and on the identification of quality metrics and indicators that make it possible to monitor performance and to identify improvement opportunities.

• To give students the necessary skills for them to put into practice the idea that Quality starts when designing the products, services and processes through the implementation of quality planning methodologies and tools.

• To provide the students with the necessary skills to conceive and carry out self-assessment exercises. 

Work Placement(s)



In order to improve organisational performance over time in sustainable way, quality planning and quality assessment are essential. In this c.u., quality planning methodologies and tools, which can be applied when designing new product, services or processes, are analysed. Furthermore, the foundations of quality models used to assess organisational performance are presented. Such models, besides identifying strengths and improvement opportunities, are expected to enhance stakeholders’ confidence and trust.


Fundamentals of Excellence. Hard and soft components of Quality Management.

Quality planning methodologies and tools. Designing new products, services and processes.

Performance measurement systems. Quality metrics and indicators. Quality costs.

Frameworks for assessing organisational performance. Excellence models. Self-assessment processes. 

Regulation, accreditation and quality: the Services of General Interest context

Quality and innovation. Successful cases and CSFs.

Assessment Methods

Frequency: 35.0%
Presentation and discussion of case-studies in groups 40%; individual written assignment 25%.: 65.0%


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