Entrepreneurship and business ignition

Academic year
Subject Area
Área Científica do Menor
Language of Instruction
Mode of Delivery
ECTS Credits
2nd Cycle Studies - Mestrado

Recommended Prerequisites


Teaching Methods

Students will be accompanied by a multidisciplinary team of teachers. However, all groups will have a teacher responsible for supervising and monitoring performance throughout the semester.

Learning Outcomes

This curricular unit is intended to provide the student with knowledge that will enable him to understand the concepts involved; gain analytic skills of ideas, methods, tools and practices; to relate knowledge from different areas and technical skills, such as identifying business opportunities, assess its potential and further develop a business plan, with the goal of supporting new entrepreneurs to start their own projects, turning knowledge into sustainable businesses with product and services-oriented ideas.

Work Placement(s)



Students will be integrated into groups that will have the responsibility to create a structured business plan in accordance with the following topics:

- From the entrepreneurial spirit to the business challenge

- From idea to business concept

- Market and competition

- Characterization of the products and services

- Outlining value propositions and business plans

- Defining a strategy

- Operations, investments and financing

- People

- Legal aspects of business creation and Intellectual property

- Economic-financial viability

During the semester students will be also exposed to topics related to their business plan, namely innovation, communication, negotiation and evaluation of business risks.

Assessment Methods

The evaluation shall include continuous monitoring of compliance with interim targets for implementing the project as well as presentation and discussion of the project at the end of the semester. It will be also assessed the final document that include all the components proposed by advisors.: 100.0%


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