Academic year
Subject Area
Mechanical Engineering Sciences
Language of Instruction
Mode of Delivery
ECTS Credits
2nd Cycle Studies - Mestrado

Recommended Prerequisites

Statistic treatment of data, Machine elements.

Teaching Methods

Classes take place in theoretical and practical scheme in which theoretical concepts are presented and applied immediately.

Schedule of maintenance curse include the following classes:

Theoretical classes: 15h

Theoretical-practical classes: 25h

Laboratory classes: 5h.

Learning Outcomes

The unit maintenance wants to allow:

 - Knowledge of principles of management and maintenance aspects: technical, economical, and effective documentation;

 - Ability to apply reliability analysis to historical data to estimate periods of components replacement in systematic preventive maintenance programs;

 - Knowledge of techniques for analyzing and diagnosing the condition more relevant for predictive maintenance;

 - Ability to develop predictive maintenance programs by application of vibration analysis techniques;

- Knowledge of the lubricant properties of and the main lubricant analytical methods relevant to the maintenance

The aim is the development of instrumental skills (Competence in organizing and planning; ability to solve problems), personal (Skills in interpersonal relationships and critical thinking) and systemic (apply in practice the theoretical knowledge and adaptability to new situations).

Work Placement(s)



1 - Organization of maintenance: Organizational Chart. Maintenance levels. Types of maintenance.

2 - Organization of the maintenance documentation.

3 - Reliability analysis applied to maintenance. Failure rate. Laws of reliability. Reliability of serial and redundant systems.

4 - Predictive maintenance, condition based maintenance in comparison with other forms of maintenance. Analysis of the condition of equipment by application of thermography, the analysis of lubricating oil and vibration analysis.

5 - Technical Bureau for service or maintenance methods.

6 - Maintenance Planning: planning levels. Specificity of maintenance. Plan load, overload problems. Outsourcing of maintenance.

7 - Analysis of maintenance costs: direct/indirect costs of maintenance. Life-cycle costs of equipment. Average annual cost of maintenance.

8 - Lubrication and lubricants: Physical and chemical properties of surfaces. Surface roughness parameters. Lubricants and lubrication.

Head Lecturer(s)

Amílcar Lopes Ramalho

Assessment Methods

Laboratory work or Field work: 20.0%
Frequency: 80.0%


François Monchy, La fonction Mantenance, Ed. Masson.

Luis Andrade Ferreira, Uma introdução à manutenção, Publindústria.

R. Keith Mobley, An introduction to predictive maintenance, Van Nostrand Reinhold.