Civil Law I

Academic year
Subject Area
Civil Legal
Language of Instruction
Mode of Delivery
ECTS Credits
2nd Cycle Studies - Mestrado

Recommended Prerequisites

Basics of Civil Law: General Theory of Civil Law, The Law of Obligations, Property Law. 

Teaching Methods

Lessons will comprise lectures on selected subjects and critical debates on these subjects. In class, there will also be opportunities for indicating specific criteria or methodological guidelines that students can follow which will help them develop their research papers and Master dissertations.
The assessment method adopted in this Scientific Master Programme is the one adopted in Seminars. It comprises two stages: oral presentations by students of research in progress on their subjects, and presentation of written works based on such work in progress.

Learning Outcomes

Encourage students to rethink and problematize new and old questions of Civil Law, so that they can take a critical view on the subjects that constitute the object of their research work. Guide students when choosing a suitable methodology for writing a dissertation in Civil Law, which necessarily implies a gathering of solid dogmatic basis of Private Law for problematizing specific particularities and current trends of the selected thesis theme

Work Placement(s)



Revisiting of the subjects concerning protection of personality: general right of personality(art. no.70 of the civil code)and special rights of personality(art. no.72 and the following articles in the civil code)
Specific means for the protection of personality:civil liability, preventive and attenuation measures relating to offences to personality.(art. no. 70 no. 2 of the civil code)
-A discussion on the nature of the General Right of Personality:Right?
-Conflicting Rights of Personality. Preliminary question:Can we assume that there are conflicting rights of Personality?
-Tthe conflict between freedom of expression and the rights to honor, good name and credit
-The Compulsory Motor Vehicle Liability Insurance Contract.Analysis and critical assessment of the regime of Decree-Law no.291/2007, of August 21st
-Special guarantees of Obligations
The provision of security. The bail. Autonomous Guarantees.
Real guarantees: Mortgage, Pledge,Income Assignment,Liens,Right of Retention.

Head Lecturer(s)

Paulo Cardoso Correia da Mota Pinto

Assessment Methods

Research work: 100.0%


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