Civil Law II

Academic year
Subject Area
Civil Legal
Language of Instruction
Mode of Delivery
ECTS Credits
2nd Cycle Studies - Mestrado

Recommended Prerequisites

General Theory of Civil Law, The Law of Obligations, Civil Contracts.

Teaching Methods

Lectures and tutorials on the syllabus topics with discussion by the students; case-studies discussion/resolution with examination of relevant case law.

Oral presentations on research carried out under the instructor’s  supervision and subsequent discussion involving all students.

Continuous assessment method, based on the oral presentation, the written work and the skills (e.g. agility, rigor and soundness) revealed throughout the various oral interventions in class. 

Learning Outcomes

Master’s students will be expected to:

- know the system and the issuesunderlying some standard contract formations (especially the ones covered in the Special Part of the Law of Obligations) in light of the general  framework – already taught in graduate-level courses – of legal transactions, contracts and obligations;

- develop skills for rapid diagnosis and proper solution of practical problems, for critical balancing of legal solutions, for the identification and assessment of the interests at stake in the framework of the various issues under discussion, for the “construction” of enforceable legal concepts;

- selection and analysis of case law deemed especially relevant in the field of contracts;

- development of the skill to make articulate, sound, informed oral presentations and written works in this area and to pursue scientific research.

Work Placement(s)



I (Lectures)

1.General overview

a)Contracts and general norms(of legal transactions, contracts and obligations)

b)Types of contracts: unilateral or bilateral, onerous or gratuitous,consensual or real, typically used by parties or not provided by law

c)Causes of contracts:typicalfunctions

2.Valuable consideration of real property: contract of sale

a)Legal concept andscheme extension

b) Main effects: real and personal

c) Breach of a contract(by the vendor or the buyer);typical breaches

d) Special sales: of future goods, pending fruits or integral parts;of uncertain existence or holder; title reservation agreement; on instalment credit terms;retro;commercial;of consumer goods


Presentation of research works by the students on various topics relating to onerous or gratuitous alienation of goods, of enjoyment of goods, of credit granting or service contracts.

Head Lecturer(s)

Francisco Manuel de Brito Pereira Coelho

Assessment Methods

Research work: 100.0%


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