Sports Training Methodology

Academic year
Subject Area
Sport Training
Language of Instruction
Mode of Delivery
ECTS Credits
3rd Cycle Studies

Recommended Prerequisites

Auxology, Youth Sports, Physiology, Periodization of Training, Conditioning Methods.

Teaching Methods

The total learning effort comprises 15 hours of exposition, mostly to present the most recent manuscripts (accepted or in submission) combined with 15 hours of seminars taking into account the frequency of relevant incoming researchers and scientific meetings (in particular the FORUM with 12 editions already organized) and also the prescription of readings and tutorial supervision. The evaluation emerges from a presentation in the format of Journal Club.  Students are invited to summarise their past research and antecipate their interests for future research.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of the process, the PhD-candidate Will be able to be incorporated in on-going research projects such as:

[1] Anthropometry applied to whole body and appendicular volumes in athletes

[2] Growth, maturation and talent

[3] Developmental modelling functional capacities

[4] Sport specialization and selection

[5] Theory of dimensionality and scaling applied to maximal efforts in short and long term protocols

[6] Tactical skills and notational analysis.

Work Placement(s)



[1] Statistics of participation; [2] Trainability and readiness; [3] growth, maturation and strength; [4] Growth, maturation, echocardiographcic parameters and maximal oxygen uptake; [5] Growth, maturation and short-term protocols: repeated sprint ability, Wingate, Force-velocity, 140-m shuttle run; [6] Hand morphology, digits and correlates in testosterone, strength, body size and sport succces; [7] Talent detection, selection and development; [8] Relative age effect; [9] Time loss injury and epidemiology of injuries; [10] Tactical skills.

Head Lecturer(s)

Manuel João Cerdeira Coelho Silva

Assessment Methods

10-page assignment: 100.0%


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