Physical Activity, Nutrition and Health

Academic year
Subject Area
Physical Activity and Health
Language of Instruction
Mode of Delivery
ECTS Credits
3rd Cycle Studies

Recommended Prerequisites

Not applicable.

Teaching Methods

Lectures and class discussion of topics previously prepared according to the program and objectives. The discussion and teacher / student interaction is also done through discussion via the Internet.

Learning Outcomes

Knowing the composition of foods and the food pyramid; understand the process of the physiology of nutrition; know how to evaluate food intake, knowing the normal diet and healthy learn the consequences of poor diet and its relation to diseases and to know how power can be used to prevent and treat diseases; know how to evaluate nutritional status by various methods, know how to evaluate obesity, its consequences and methods of treatment and prevention; know how to assess malnutrition, consequences and methods of prevention and treatment.

Work Placement(s)



Groups of foods, their sources and use by the human body; Physiology of nutrition including chewing, digestion, absorption, metabolism and elimination; Assessment of food intake through various types of dietary survey, assessment of nutritional status by: Clinical history, anthropometry, dietary surveys, biochemical parameters and other methods, healthy eating, food preparation and distribution of the meals, Obesity: Epidemiology, Etiology, Diagnosis, Treatment and prevention; Malnutrition: Epidemiology, Etiology, Diagnosis, Treatment and prevention, Food in the prevention and treatment of other diseases, dyslipidemia, diabetes, cancer, hypertension and other diseases.

Head Lecturer(s)

Manuel Teixeira Marques Verissimo

Assessment Methods

Synthesis work : 50.0%
Mini Tests: 50.0%


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