Family Education

Academic year
Subject Area
Education Sciences
Language of Instruction
Mode of Delivery
ECTS Credits
2nd Cycle Studies - Mestrado

Recommended Prerequisites

Introduction to Educational Sciences ( in order to understand the epistemological classification of the discipline - Educational Sciences); Sociology of Education ( in order to understand family as a social system and its evolution); Educational Psychology (in order to perceive family as a developmental niche of the child, affecting and being affected by it). Social and Educational Intervention with children, youth and families (importance of intervention based on evidences and importance of Family Education at the levels of indicated, selective and universal prevention); Adults Education and Training (relevant for the fields of methods and strategies in Adults Education)

Teaching Methods

The classes interchange oral exposition and participated discussion of the syllabus themes, supported by visual projection material by teaching staff. Paper work's presentation by students an testimony of family educators.    

Learning Outcomes

Contribute to the initial training of Family Education professionals at different levels:

- teaching; vocational training; research;

- design, implementation, management and assessment of Family Education intervention programs;

- coordinators; advisers and opinion developers;

- design applications to projects involving the component of intervention in Family Education.

Work Placement(s)



Social and Educational Intervention Processes with families: Family Education as promotion of competences

1 Quality interventions with groups of parents.

2 Quality individual interventions with parents

3 Websites and Parenting Education.

Parenting Education Assessment

1 Needs assessment.

2 Process assessment.

3 Efficacy assessment.

Head Lecturer(s)

Maria Filomena Ribeiro Fonseca Gaspar

Assessment Methods

Final assessment
Exam: 100.0%

Continuous assessment
Synthesis work: 20.0%
Research work: 30.0%
Frequency: 50.0%


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