Academic year
Subject Area
Language of Instruction
Mode of Delivery
ECTS Credits
1st Cycle Studies

Recommended Prerequisites

Manipulation of computer graphics interfaces, management and safeguarding of files created in different applications, familiarity with the general operation logic of applications and familiarity with Internet use.

Teaching Methods

Theoretical knowledge will be taught in classes by oral exposure of the key issues covered in the Multimedia area included in the syllabus. These classes of more theoretical aspects will be interspersed in the normal teaching plan where appropriate for the practical approach to new areas and applications. The transmission of practical knowledge, necessary for the conduct or supervision of multimedia projects, will use concrete and practical examples and targeted exercises and will take place in computer rooms equipped with computers and appropriate applications.

Learning Outcomes

Overall objectives

Provide students with knowledge (theoretical and practical) needed to master the basic editing area of digital data (text, image, audio, video and animation) and know who to structure conceptually and in practical applications using the integrated development of multimedia systems (for web, interactive CD/DVD, to create animated slides, etc..).

Specific objectives

Identify/handle the different digital data types. Identify/integrate/use the most appropriate applications for each data type.

Generic competencies

Conceptually structuring and developing a multimedia project.

Specific competencies

Use/integration of applications to handle HTML, image (simple and animated), video and animation

Work Placement(s)



Introduction to Multimedia: definition, history, basic concepts, advantages and disadvantages, and commercial aspects.

Multimedia applications in various fields.

Data types and applications for its manipulation: text, image, audio, video and animation.

Multimedia Systems Project: problem and the development environment discussion; collection of content, property rights, development strategies.

Head Lecturer(s)

Luís Miguel Alçada Tomás de Almeida

Assessment Methods

Individual work (10%) + participation in class (5%): 15.0%
2 theoretical and practical tests: 40.0%
group work : 45.0%


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