Design IV

Academic year
Subject Area
Audio-visuals and Media Production
Language of Instruction
Mode of Delivery
ECTS Credits
1st Cycle Studies

Recommended Prerequisites

- Investigation and research capabilities

- Competence in teamwork

- Creativity

- Discourse and argument in design culture issues

- Understanding of universal principles of design

- Competence in design methodology

- Competence in applying theory to practice

- Competence in planning a organizing study

- Competence in oral and written communication

- Competence in informatics engineering regarding the syllabus requirements

- Competence in critical judgement

- Competence in communicating clearly to non-designers

- Preocupation with quality

Teaching Methods

- Theoretical and Practical lectures based on case studies.

- Articulation between theory and practice through practical exercises and continuous critique evaluations.

(there will be no differentiation between theoretical-practical and laboratorial lectures)

Learning Outcomes

- Confidence with general digital authoring methods

- Content analysis and preparation for digital and interactive narrative (editing, scriptwriting, prototyping)

- Aplication of elementary notions of harmony, melody and rhythm to abstract visual scenarios

- General knowledge regarding cross-media design and sound. (Amplitude, Duration, Pitch and Timbre)

- Aplication and analysis of design and motion theories

- Design and multimédia in expanded performative contexts. Músic, Choreography, Theatre and Art

- Confidence in elaborating and presenting a digital portfólio.

Work Placement(s)



 Design planning for a multimedia project

- Digital text and image: Between poetry, music and design

- Music packaging culture. Digital Remediation

- Structuring content for audiovisual media

- Digital authoring and copyright

- Portfolio   

Head Lecturer(s)

António Manuel Sucena Silveira Gomes

Assessment Methods

Report of a seminar or field trip: 5.0%
Resolution Problems: 5.0%
Laboratory work or Field work: 5.0%
Research work: 5.0%
Project: 80.0%


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