Design III

Academic year
Subject Area
Audio-visuals and Media Production
Language of Instruction
Mode of Delivery
ECTS Credits
1st Cycle Studies

Recommended Prerequisites

- Competence in investigation a development

- Competence in teamwork

- Advanced creative habilities

- Competence in aplicating theory to practice

- Planning and managing

- Competence in writing and vocal ppresentation

- Acquired knowledge in desktop publishing tools and primary web programming (css, html, javascript)

- Competence in critical thinking

- Competence to comunicar with non specialists.

- Quality control

- Competence in Typography in digital and print media

Teaching Methods

- Theoretical and Practical lectures based on case studies.

- Articulation between theory and practice through practical exercises and continuous critique evaluations.

(there will be no differentiation between theoretical-practical and laboratorial lectures)

Learning Outcomes

This curricular unit introduces and develops new concepts in editorial design practice. With a greater emphasis in contemporary design case studies and problem solving within reading and writing supports. Transition and interchange between print and digital media. Structural issues pertaining sustainability and ecodesign will be regarded as a socio-critical editorial theme, particularly aspects regarding new-media contexts in design practice.

Work Placement(s)



1. Designing for society and specificity of design programmes

2. Post-digital design. The rise of digital artifacts and the unconsumated demise of print medium

3. A practical introduction to the founding principles of Eco Design, Inclusive Design, Viral Design and Crowdsourcing

4. Other design models such as Co-design, Participative Design, Iterative Design.

5. Design as Research: emergent methods in design research (Interviews, Essays, Open databases, comparative analysis, cultural probes)

6. Editorial Design and designwriting.

Head Lecturer(s)

Nuno Miguel Cabral Carreira Coelho

Assessment Methods

Resolution Problems: 5.0%
Research work: 10.0%
Laboratory work or Field work: 10.0%
Project: 75.0%


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