Photography and Composition

Academic year
Subject Area
Audio-visuals and Media Production
Language of Instruction
Mode of Delivery
ECTS Credits
1st Cycle Studies

Recommended Prerequisites

No prerequesits recommended

Teaching Methods

Each class has a theory two hours period and another two hours practice. In this period students will be presenting their projects and works. There will a group discussion as well as an analisys by the teacher. The progress of practical projects will be tracked in class and through email.

Learning Outcomes

This subject aims to allow students to know photographic techniques, the history of photography in its social, scientific and artistic approach, as well as improve significantly the visual culture of students so that they can rebuilt a wide image of the world through photography.

An important goal is to stimulate students to be involved in developing personal projects, on photography, articulating theory with practice.

Work Placement(s)



1. Photography and its technique: a basic approach;

2. Photography as an instrument for subjectivity;

3. The reproducibility of the photographic image;

4. Photography vs. Image;

5. Knowing the world through images;

6. Photography and Ethics;

7. An History of Photography from the XVI century painting to Contemporary Photography;

8.  Contemporary Photography: six categories from practice and critical reception;

8.1. Photography before the act of photographing

8.2. Tableaux photography/Staged photography

8.3. Private and Domestic Narratives/Subjectiv Realism

8.4. Objective/Germanic Photography

8.5. Art and Document

8.6. Apropriation, citation.

Head Lecturer(s)

José Augusto Maçãs da Silva Carvalho

Assessment Methods

Mini Tests: 25.0%
Project: 75.0%


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