Specialization Course in Management and Direction in Health

Faculty of Medicine

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Academic year


Course Type

Non Degree Course

Qualification Awarded



2 Semester(s)

ECTS Credits


General Objectives of the Course
The Specialization in Management and Direction in Health has as its major objective the creation of specific and necessary knowledge in the scope of management and direction of health organizations. The course aims to ensure the alignment of items taught with the present and future practical needs, through the applied view of the contents, for the management and direction of any organization focused on providing healthcare services.
Learning Objectives and Intended Skills
1. Knowing the fundamentals of organizational management;
2. Knowing the fundamentals of the financial and accounting organizations;
3. Knowing the Health Systems, national and international;
4. Recognize and apply the methodologies for decision support;
5. Recognizing the principles of market access;
6. Recognize the methodologies of organizations marketing;
7. Being able to assess health technologies in the optimization of management;
8. Recognizing the principles of Law governing organizations in Health;
9. Recognize the ethical and deontological guidelines of conduct;
10. Knowing how to manage human resources;
11. Evaluate and implement the performance, individually and collectively;
12. Optimize the management and strategy in Health quality;
13. Recognize the procedures in the strategic management and promote its optimization;
14. Evaluate research and the organization's investment.
Mode of Study
Admission Requirements

1. Students holding a graduate degree, Master or legal equivalent in Pharmaceutical Sciences, Law, Economics, Nursing,
Management, Medicine and Dental Medicine;
2.The Commission may consider applicants holding a graduation or master degree that present an adequate academic or professional curriculum.

Candidates should check the admission requirements available on this site, in addition to the information provided here.

Recognition of Prior Learning
Regulation nº 191/2014 – Regulation of Crediting Previous Training of Professional Experience at the University of Coimbra.
Qualification Requirements and Regulations
Rules of creation and operation of non-degree courses at the University of Coimbra
Examination Regulations, Assessment and Grading
Final classification from 0 to 20 corresponding to the weighted average of the marks obtained in the course units.
Study Programme
Applications Notice (only in portuguese)
1st Semester
Start date: 03-09-2018
End date: 20-12-2018
2nd Semester
Start date: 04-02-2019
End date: 30-05-2019