Doctoral Degree in Science and Technology of Polymers

Entidades parceiras: Universidade de Aveiro, Universidade do Porto

General Objectives of the Course

PDCTP is focused on the research in the industrial environment developed in close collaboration with the companies belonging to the ARCP,and that is based on the experience of collaboration between the industry and
teachers/researchers from the departments,associated laboratories and research centers that belong to the participating universities.The programme includes one curricular period named “Doctoral Course”,whose aim is to prepare students for research work,and another period whose aim is to prepare students for the Thesis that culminates in a presentation and discussion of an original work of internationally recognised scientific quality.The main objectives of PDCTP are:
-Training of experts in the Science and Technology of Polymers,that can support the development of the sector in the North of Portugal;
-Development of a scientifically sound project(thesis) valuable for the local and national industrial community;
-Integration of highly qualified staff in the business sector.

Admission Requirements

To register for the PhD in the Science and Technology of Polymers, applicants should satisfy the conditions established in article 30 of Decree–law no. 74/2006, of 24 March, as amended by Decree-law no. 115/2013 of 7 August, and respect at least one of the conditions established in the following paragraphs:
a) To have completed a Master’s degree in Chemical Engineering, Polymers Engineering or a related area (second cycle of higher education of the Bologna Qualifications Framework) before the beginning of the academic year;
b) To have a Bachelor’s degree, from the degree system prior to the Bologna reforms, in Chemical Engineering, Polymers Engineering or a related area;
c) To have an academic, scientific or professional curriculum vitae, that is recognized by the Scientific Committee of the programme as attesting to the capacity to carry out this study programme in the University they wish to

Candidates should check the admission requirements available on this site, in addition to the information provided here.

Mode of Study


Teaching / Evaluation language(s)

Portuguese language

Learning Objectives and Intended Skills

The aim of this course is that doctoral candidates develop competences, skills and research methodologies in the field of Science and Technology of Polymers, namely:
- Ability to systematically understand this scientific and technological domain;
- Ability to conceive, design, adapt and conduct scientific research and technological development, obeying the legal requirements, meeting the highest ethical, quality, academic integrity and business standards;
- Effective capacity to perform innovative research that contributes to an extension of the frontiers of knowledge, with recognised value, suitable for publication;
- Ability for critical thinking, evaluation and synthesis of new and complex ideas;
- Communication skills within the group, the academic and business communities, and society in general about the area in which they have specialised;
- Ability to promote technological, social and cultural progress in an academic or professional context.

Course Coordinator(s)

Jorge Fernando Jordão Coelho

Qualification Requirements and Regulations

The legal framework for the qualification is established by the decrees: Decree-Law no 74/2006, 24th March, in its current wording.

Study Programme

Ciência e Tecnologia de Polímeros

Academic year

Course Type
3rd Cycle Studies

DGES Code: PA32

Qualification Awarded: Doutor

Duration: 3 Year(s)

ECTS Credits: 180.0


Call for Applications


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