Training Course in Elementary Latin I

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Non Degree Course

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General Objectives of the Course
The 'Course Elementary Latin I' offers an introduction to the Latin language as a key to access the historical and cultural heritage of the West.
The course includes a strong grammar component (which includes the acquisition of the main structures of the language). The student knows the basics of Latin phonetics and becomes familiar with reading. The student knows the concepts of theme, ending; knows the concepts of declination and case related with the syntax function; knows the concept of enunciation. The student knows the declinations of theme –a, theme –o and the de1st grade adjectives. The student knows the personal pronoun and some demonstrative pronouns. The student knows the verb conjugation of times infectum in the indicative mood, the imperative and present infinitive. The student knows some adverbs and prepositions and becomes familiar with some circumstantial complements. The student acquires some vocabulary. The student is able to understand and produce simple utterances. The student is able to recognize some etymological relations between Latin lexicon and Portuguese lexicon.
Learning Objectives and Intended Skills
Students develop skills in establishing etymological relations between Portuguese and Latin lexical. Students develop skills in reading and understanding simple statements and also in the production of basic phrases in the context of the Latin language.
Mode of Study
Access to Further Studies
Admission Requirements

Applicants must be aged 16 years or over.

Candidates should check the admission requirements available on this site, in addition to the information provided here.

Recognition of Prior Learning
Qualification Requirements and Regulations
Regulation n.º 339/2012, published in Official Gazette n.º 152, 2. Grade, August 7th (Regulation of Creation and Operation of Non Degree Courses at the UC)
Professional Goals
Examination Regulations, Assessment and Grading
Final grading: from 0 to 20
Graduation Requirements

To have, at least, the B1 level of proficiency in Portuguese

Study Programme
Applications Notice (only in portuguese)
Additional Information 2017-11-10
1st Semester
Start date: 11-09-2017
End date: 21-12-2017
2nd Semester
Start date: 05-02-2018
End date: 30-05-2018