Bachelor's Degree in Portuguese

General Objectives of the Course

The central aim of the 1st cycle in Portuguese is to provide students with an interdisciplinary grounding in the area of the Humanities. Accordingly, students are expected to acquire the following:
- Comprehensive skills in speaking and writing in Portuguese.
- An increased awareness of the international dimension of the Portuguese language, literature and culture.
- An ability to establish connections between their field of specialization and other related fields.
- The ability to distinguish grounded knowledge from opinion or belief.
- Argumentation skills, intellectual autonomy and critical thinking skills.
- The ability to find information and to process it according to criteria of pertinence and relevance.
- The ability to use the knowledge and skills acquired in an innovative manner.
- An awareness of the cultural value of the Humanities and the competences associated with them.

Admission Requirements

National Call for Access and Entry to Higher Education (DGES):

One of the following subjects:
15 Portuguese Literature
18 Portuguese

Application score: 95 points (0-200 scale)
Entry exams: 95 points (0-200 scale)

Calculation Formula:
Secondary school average: 50%
Entry exams: 50%

Other forms of access (UC-applicants):
- Change of Institution / Course Pair Schemes;
- Special Access Call for over 23-years-olds;
- Special Access Call for Holders of Other Higher Education Courses;
- Special Call for International Students.

This information does not exempt the consultation of the webpage of the Directorate General of Higher Education (DGES) and/or of the Applicants website. Please, visit the DGES and the Applicants websites

Professional Goals

Initial Training for Teachers of Portuguese as a First Language and as a Foreign Language, Researcher, Proofreader, Copy Editor, Book Editor, Public Administration Official, Public Relations Officer, Consultant; other cultural and artistic areas involving experts in Portuguese language and culture, in Portugal or other countries. This program prepares individuals for positions that require skills in reasoning and argumentation, as well as the ability to analyze ideas, concepts and complex problems.

Mode of Study


Teaching / Evaluation language(s)

Portuguese Language

Examination Regulations, Assessment and Grading

As assessment is a pedagogical activity inseparable from the teaching process, its aim is to establish the students' competencies and knowledge, their critical sense, ability to recognize and resolve problems, as well as their written and oral presentation skills. Students may only register for exams for classes they are currently registered for under the terms of number 6 of article 4 of the University of Coimbra Pedagogical Policy. The following are examples of assessment items: Oral or written exams, written or practical work, individual and group projects that may require an oral defense, as well as class participation. Assessment for each class may include one or more of the above mentioned items. Grading is based on a scale of 0 to 20 and a grade of 10 is required to pass. Whenever assessment includes more than one item, the final grade is calculated by taking into account the relative weight of each item according to a formula published in the course outline under the terms of number 2 of article 7 of the UC Pedagogical Policy.

Learning Objectives and Intended Skills

a) High level language and communication skills:
- A deep understanding of the structure, functions, historical background and uses of the Portuguese language.
- The ability to identify, analyze and reflect critically on different types of discourses, and their rhetorical and literary codes.
- The ability to produce analytical and reflective texts, as well as to adapt the discourse to different communicative situations and media.
b) High level cultural and literary competence, particularly regarding cultural spheres in Portugal and Portuguese-speaking countries:
- Deep and up to date knowledge of the main sources of Portuguese culture and literature.
- Broad knowledge of Portuguese-speaking cultures, considering their geographical and historical diversity.
- Mastery of instruments for interpreting and analyzing literary texts, and ability to understand literary phenomena in their cultural context.

Course Coordinator(s)

Ana Paula Oliveira Loureiro

Osvaldo Manuel Alves Pereira Silvestre

ECTS Departmental Coordinator(s)

Isabel Maria de Almeida Santos

Recognition of Prior Learning

Recognition of prior learning is carried out in accordance with the Academic Regulation of the University of Coimbra.

Qualification Requirements and Regulations

The legal framework for the qualification is established by the Decree-Law nr 74/2006, 24th March, in its current wording; and Ordinance nr 782/2009, 23rd July.

Graduation Requirements

Achievement of the passing grade in a set of curricular units that amount to a total of 180 ECTS.

Access to Further Studies

Second cycle of studies (Master’s degree).

Study Programme

Portuguese With Minor

Academic year

Course Type
1st Cycle Studies

DGES Code: 8393

Qualification Awarded: Bachelor's Degree

Duration: 6 Semester(s)

ECTS Credits: 180.0


Call for Applications


1st Semester
Start date: 11-09-2023
End date: 16-12-2023
2nd Semester
Start date: 05-02-2024
End date: 23-05-2024


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2022-07-31 a 2028-07-30
Direcção Geral de Ensino Superior

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