Master’s degree in Mathematics Teaching in the 3rd Cycle of Basic and Secondary Education

General Objectives of the Course

The general objectives of this course are in accordance with the principles recommended by Decree Law nº 79/2014 of May 14, where is approved the legal system of professional qualification for teaching in pre-school and primary and secondary school within a larger perspective that is supported by the Vision of the University of Coimbra and its guidelines: research, teaching, knowledge transfer and resources.

Admission Requirements

a) Holders of the Bachelor’s degree or legal equivalent;
b) Holders of a foreign academic degree after completing 1st cycle of studies organized according
to the principles of the Bologna Process by a State acceding to this process,
c) Holders of a foreign academic degree that is recognized as meeting the objectives of the Bachelor’s degree by the Scientific Council of the Faculty of Science and Technology;
d) Holders of an academic, scientific or professional curriculum that is recognized by the Scientific Council of Faculty of Science and Technology as attesting the capacity to complete this cycle of studies. e) Written and oral Portuguese language test (a prerequisite, according to the Decree-Law 43/2007 of 22 February).

Candidates should check the admission requirements available on this site, in addition to the information provided here.

Professional Goals

Holders of professional qualification for teaching as defined in Article 4 of Decree-Law No. 79/2014 of May 14.

Mode of Study

Daytime regime / Face-to-face

Teaching / Evaluation language(s)

Portuguese Language and English

Examination Regulations, Assessment and Grading

As defined in Pedagogical Regulation of the University of Coimbra - Regulation No 321/2013 of 23 August.

Learning Objectives and Intended Skills

The main objectives of the course are the following:
• Solid knowledge of the syllabus and curriculum guidelines of Mathematics of the primary and secondary schools, and correct methodologies of scientific and pedagogical point of view.
• Ability to use in pedagogical practice the knowledge acquired in the study areas, as well as those related to specific aspects of education, including lesson planning, preparation and development of teaching materials and resources in accordance with the prevailing models of education.
• Ability to adapt to different situations of learning and human development, both in terms of teaching students of different age levels and readiness for learning, including curricular changes, development of interdisciplinary projects, and others.
• Scientific knowledge of good practice in assessment and learning.
• Knowledge of school reality, including the legislative framework for the organization of schools, allowing cooperation with the governing bodies of schools and the school community.

Course Coordinator(s)

Joana Maria da Silva Teles Correia

ECTS Departmental Coordinator(s)

Daniel Alexandre Peralta Marques Pinto

Recognition of Prior Learning

UC Regulation for the Accreditation of Previous Training and Work Experience.

Qualification Requirements and Regulations

Decree-Law No. 79/2014 of May 14

Graduation Requirements

Pre-service in a school and preparation and public defense of the report

Access to Further Studies

Access to the courses of the 3rd cycle in the area of Mathematics, science teaching, history of sciences and education sciences.

Study Programme

Mathematics Teaching

Academic year

Course Type
2nd Cycle Studies - Advanced Specialisation Master Programme

DGES Code: 6451

Qualification Awarded: Mestre

Duration: 4 Semester(s)

ECTS Credits: 120.0

Category: Advanced specialization second cycle


Call for Applications


1st Semester
Start date: 21-09-2020
End date: 18-12-2020
2nd Semester
Start date: 08-02-2021
End date: 21-05-2021


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